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Contact Us

Please send email to jerry@rallyebadge.com 

You may also send postal mail and checks to:

Jerry Haussler
22021 Orange Ave
Castro Valley, California
(510) 583 1493 (24 hour message line)

About Jerry

Jerry Haussler has been buying, selling and collecting badges since 1991. Those of you in the 356 Registry may refer to the the feature article he wrote for the January / February 2007 issue (Vol. 30 #5) of The Registry magazine.   


Mr. Haussler has been a well respected member of the Porsche 356 community since 1980.

Jerry also is a regular participant at the following internet based enthusiast sites:

For those of you living in or traveling to California, you may want to check out the wares at a live trade show. Among these are:

Mr. Haussler’s other interests also include photography. His photographs of Blues Musicians may be viewed at zephyrblau.com.

We hope you have an enjoyable experience here and look forward to serving you.