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What are Rallye Badges?

For those unfamiliar with these little gems, rallye badges were originally issued to participants of various automotive-related events. While a tour to a Wine Festival may also have included a commemorative badge, and some of these are certainly pretty, most of the badges you will see on this site will be from competitive automotive events. These may include Races, Rallyes, Night Orientation runs, Hill Climbs, Star Rallyes, and various skill and endurance events. Some events were sponsored by the Porsche factory and almost all were sanctioned by either ADAC (Algemeiner Deutsche Automobil Club), the DMV (Deutsche Motorsport Verband) or one of the other large organizations in Germany.

While most of the event badges here are German in origin some from Italy, France, Belgium and other European countries are also included. It should be noted that events in other countries did take place, but the vast majority of the events that issued badges, Rallye plates, etc. were in Germany or Austria.

Event badges were issued as part of the participants registration package and never available for retail sale. Further, while there were many local and regional events throughout the 50’s and 60’s, the production totals for most of these events was small, probably only 25 to 50. The larger international events may have issued upwards of 100. Naturally our advice to you if you see a piece you like is, buy it! It’s highly unlikely a similar piece will ever come your way again. In handling upwards of 1,000 badges I’ve seen maybe two dozen duplicates.

Remember all badges are original to the time issued. NO REPRODUCTIONS!! Generally speaking, once a badge is sold, it’s gone forever. I wish I could pick up the phone and order more as needed, but unfortunately that’s not the way it works.

While all participants of a given event would have received a badge, in yet much smaller quantities, there were also special pieces for the top 3 finishers in the various competitions. Quite often these have a Gold, Silver or Bronze colored wreath added to the basic design. Some of these were not drilled for mounting and were probably originally issued in a presentation case. Further, some events also presented drivers medallions. These are smaller, sometimes silver dollar size, and were almost always issued in a presentation case.

High resolution scans of any item are available on request. Typically 300 DPI, file size runs 4-5 MEG per image.

This site represents only a fraction of our inventory. Those looking for something special, need only send us their “Wanted” request. We’ll do our best to find that special treasure.

For more info on badges we direct your attention to the feature article Mr. Haussler wrote for the 356 Registry magazine. A PDF file of that issue is available here;


scroll down to page 48. Enjoy!